Solar Roller Shades Control Sunlight

Insolroll manufactures high quality window shade and patio shade systems for residential and commercial applications. Our expertise in controlling natural sunlight with solar screen and blackout window shades allows us to recommend the perfect window covering or patio shade solution.

Blocking the sun on the exterior of a home or business before it enters a window is the most effective way to reduce heat gain. Exterior sun shades roll down when you need heat protection and roll up when you don’t.

Oasis® 2700 Exterior Sun Shades 

The Oasis® 2700 Exterior Window Shades are the perfect window solution for extreme sun exposures.  These exterior solar screens are a great solution for keeping your home cool. The Oasis® 2700 Exterior Window Shades lower energy costs for air conditioning and reduce heat gain significantly.

oasis 2700 oasis 2700-1

Oasis® 2700 Exterior Sun Shades used on a home exterior keep the home cool and well shaded.


Block the Sun, Before it Enters the Window

Utilizing a European concept, exterior solar shades mount on the outside of the windows. By using an exterior mount, the shades are able to block up to 97% of the heat and UV rays before the sun enters through the window. The bulk of the heat is absorbed by the screen and then either dissipated or reflected.


Like Sunglasses for Windows

 The Oasis® 2700 Exterior Window Shades enhance the view by filtering the sun and reducing unwanted glare, much like sunglasses do. These exterior solar screen shades provide a clean look from the inside and can be combined with any style of interior decorative window treatment. Dark fabrics provide the best view through characteristics in exterior roller shades.



Passive Solar Control

Control heat gain by rolling down exterior solar shades on hot days to block the heat and rolling the shade up
when you don’t need it. In some climates you may prefer to have shades retracted to maximize solar heat gain in the winter.

Exterior Solar Screen Shades are custom made for windows up to 120″ wide x 120″ high.

The practice of daylighting is at the forefront of sustainable design. Allowing as much natural light into a space as possible while controlling heat and glare in addition to maintaining the user’s connection to the outside world, however, can be challenging. Today’s buildings are full of windows, and Insolroll builds a variety of sun shade systems for commercial and residential applications.


Insolroll Solar & Sun Shade Products

Residential Solar Window Shades

Make any room in your home more comfortable by managing light and heat.


Solar Window Shades make your home more comfortable, decreasing both heat and glare while maintaining the view and the connection to nature and the outdoors. Insolroll shades reduce cooling costs, and can be used alone or layered with draperies or valance treatments. Solar Shades protect valuable furnishings and interior finishes, including flooring, rugs, walls and pianos.

Motorized Window Shade Control Options

Many of the solutions that we offered 33 years ago are still available today, however there are many ways to accomplish similar switching criteria today. Understanding the scope and use of motorized window treatments will help us recommend the perfect solution for your application.


Commercial Solar Screen Shades

The benefits of solar screen shades in the workplace go beyond heat and glare. Solar screen shades help to maintain a connection to outside surroundings, which has been shown to foster health benefits, increased productivity, and an increased sense of well-being. They can enhance a retail or hospitality space, cut glare on computer screens in an office setting, or encourage healing in a hospital environment.



Solar shades make your workplace more comfortable and energy efficient.


Solar and Sun Shades with Digital Printing

Insolroll offers wide format printing on solar screen and blackout fabrics.  Our in-house printing capabilities allow quick turn around for logos, corporate merchandising, photos, and patterns to be printed on roller shades.






Related Interior Roller Shade Products

Audio-Visual Blackout Shades

Insolroll’s Audio-Visual Blackout Shades make it possible to block out light. Whether it’s an onscreen webinar presented to a crowd or a movie in your home theater, blackout shades make it possible to create optimal viewing conditions even during the day. Our track system option can block virtually all light from entering windows, making media viewing comfortable and visually dazzling.





Insolroll® PVC-free AV Blackout Shades with side tracks.


Decorative Translucent Roller Shades

Translucent roller shades can transform the light in a room, filtering the light coming through the window as well as providing a subtle or even dramatic color wash. Insolroll’s line of decorative, translucent fabrics offers many choices in color, texture and translucence, allowing creative expression in a room beyond a simple view.