Clear Vinyl

Using clear vinyl with executive motorized screens by Phantom enables you to control the temperature in your outdoor living space without blocking your view. in colder climates it’s designed to keep the heat in and for hotter climates it’s perfect for keeping cooled air in your living space.

Features and Benefits

Clear vinyl “windows” with colored vinyl surround

  • Pressed vinyl panels ensures no hazy blueness, fish-eye,
    dimples or distortions
  • Clear vinyl panels joined to clear vinyl panels – no fabric
    strips between “windows”
  • Clearest, most consistent “regular” vinyl available
  • Dimensionally stable for superior operation
  • All joins are welded for both strength and aesthetics
  • Phantom Screens has many years’ experience in
    motorized screens
  • Lifetime Warranty for the motorized units*

*Please note that the warranty excludes the vinyl itself

Signature Colors

Available in four perimeter vinyl colors.


Please note that the appearance of the colors illustrated will differ from the actual coated samples or finished articles.


• Maximum size: 18’ wide x 14’ high
• Minimum 8” sides and 12” top and bottom for perimeter of clear vinyl “window”
• Maximum height for the clear vinyl “window” is 107”