Phantom Screens Offers Front Screen Doors, Patio Door Screens and More Versatile Door Screen Solutions than any of our Competitors


The Phantom retractable door screen provides the utility of a conventional insect screen without the unsightly results – making it a perfect addition to your home. For patio door screens, screens for your front screen door, or specific screens for any door you have, Phantom has the answer.

Regardless of the door type, the Phantom door screen enhances the view from the interior and exterior. There when you need it and out of sight when you don’t; Phantom offers style, versatility and functionality in this adaptable product.



  • Retracts out of sight when not in use
  • Prevents entry of insects, while allowing full ventilation through fiberglass mesh
  • Allows for easy access to your home with a low profile housing
  • Offered in Signature or Custom Coating to match your home décor


Ideal for virtually all door applications including:

  • Front Screen Door
  • Patio Door Screens
  • Double-French Doors
  • Single In-swing and Out-swing Doors
  • Sliding Doors
  • Oversized Doorways


Phantom’s retractable door screen maintains the beauty of your entrance by subtly mounting to the door frame. With a maximum height of 120″, the Phantom door screen is a perfect fit on any front or oversized door.

Signature Colors


Custom Color Options

Phantom retractable screens are also available in virtually any custom color including a variety of Decoral® decorative wood grain finishes.




Phantom Screens has also developed a comprehensive color program to blend our screen solutions with any color scheme. All we need is a samplecolor swatch to create a screen solution in the selected tone to meet your vision.




*Maximum sizes are determined by the height and width ratio


Phantom Door Design Specification – Assembled View

Phantom Door Design Specification – Detail View


Standard Single Up to 84” Height and 48” Width
Standard Double (or double slider) Up to 84” Height and 96” Width
Standard Patio Sliding Door Up to 84” Height and 48” Width


Custom Single (Oversized) 84 1/8”-98″ Height and 48” Width 98 1/8″-120″ Height and 36″ Width
Custom Double (Oversized) (or double slider) 84 1/8”-98″ Height and 96” Width 98 1/8″-120″ Height and 72″ Width
Patio Sliding Door (Oversized) 84 1/8″-98″ Height and 48” Width 98 1/8″-120″ Height and 36″ Width